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Asus M4a89gtd Pro Usb3 User Manual

Many users will favour the black and blue colour scheme of the board which makes it easy to match other components aesthetically. Crossfire X is supported, despite each PCIe lane being limited to x8 when two cards are installed. Even though Asus insist in their manual that we must use the VGA switch adapter when using one card to enable x16 in the primary PCIe lane, we found that the difference in performance without the adapter was very small with our Zotac GeForce GTX 470 graphics card.

Asus M4a89gtd Pro Usb3 User Manual

The accessories list consists of SATA and IDE cables, an extensive users manual, a Driver's CD and a VGA switch card? Yes, you heard me. A Switch Card for the motherboard to split PCI-Express lanes correctly. We'll elaborate on this later...

I've seen post where people have gotten the FX-8350 to work with the last beta bios, and others with 32 GB of ram, but none with both together. -28-will-support-8350-black-edition-core-processor-piledriver -30-upgrade-asus-m4a89gtd 350c69d7ab


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