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[S2E18] Killed By Death

In the morning, Buffy informs everyone that Dr. Backer is not the suspect and shows them Ryan's drawing of the creature. At the library, Cordelia finds a picture of Ryan's monster on the cover of a book; they learn that it is called Kindestod (German: 'the child's death'), a demon that absorbs the life force of sickly children, making it seem that they died of their illness. They report to Buffy by telephone, and she realises that Backer was murdered because he was curing the children and depriving the monster of food. Buffy also recognizes to her horror that this monster is what killed Celia whilst Buffy watched helplessly.

[S2E18] Killed by Death

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Buffy stumbles to the children's ward but finds all the children are gone. She sees Kindestod in the room and watches as it heads down to the basement. The children hide quietly, but Kindestod finds them and attacks Ryan. It begins to suck his life out, growing two protuberances from its eyes and attaching them to his forehead. Buffy arrives and fights Kindestod. Just as it is about to suck her life out, she snaps its neck. Later that day, Buffy finishes recuperating at home and Xander and Willow decide to keep her company. Buffy receives a bloody drawing from Ryan picturing her how she killed the monster.

Joyce brings up the topic of Ms. Calendar's death to Giles, which he would much rather forget. Meanwhile, Xander, Willow, and Cordelia wait to protect a very sick Buffy from Angel. That night, as the clocks changes to 2:27, Buffy sees a small boy standing in her doorway. He leaves, then a strange-looking man, not quite human, follows after him, glancing into Buffy's room as he goes. As she follows the man down the hall, she thinks back at her cousin and them playing when they were younger. She also remembers Cecilia's time spent in the hospital. Buffy awakes and the clock changes to 2:27. She takes a walk down the hall. Two men exit the children's ward with a child who had died that night. At the door, she overhears Dr. Wilkinson reprimending Dr. Backerfor his experimental treatments on the children and raising their temperature to dangerous levels. As Buffy begins to leave, she encounters two children that tell her about "Death": he comes at night, and the grown-ups can't see him.

Later, Cordelia calls Buffy to tell her that the monster is called der Kindestod and the name means "child death." When Giles comes in with a book on how he kills, Cordelia only express disgust. Giles takes over and tell Buffy that he sits atop his prey, pinning the child down while he slowly sucks their life out. Buffy thinks back to her time at the hospital as a child again, seeing her cousin Celia screaming and fighting at something on top of her. Buffy goes silent over the phone and after a few moments, Willow takes it from her, thanks Giles, and hangs up. Buffy then realizes that der Kindestod was also the killer of her cousin.

Buffy's fever rushes up to a near 107 degrees as she stumbles to the children's ward. She finds all the children are gone. They have headed down to the basement in hopes of escaping from death. Buffy's fever kicks in and she sees der Kindestod in the children's room and watches as he heads down to the basement. The room's door is locked so Buffy and Willow rush to find access to the basement. Dr. Wilkinson tries to stop them, but Buffy shoves her aside. When security guards stop the two, Willow start screaming that frogs are all over her, so Buffy makes her escape. Dr. Wilkinson tells them they needed to stop the other girl, not Willow.

After another producer, Jay Wiley, is killed, Sam notices that the Latin in the movie script is a real summoning ritual. They confront the writer, Martin Flagg, who admits that any authentic rituals in the script are all that remained from the original script by writer Walter Dixon. Dixon lures Flagg onto the set to kill him, but Sam and Dean arrive in time to save him. Walter admits that he was conjuring real ghosts and forcing them to kill those he saw as responsible for ruining his script. Before they can stop him, Walter destroys the talisman he was using. This frees the spirits who, enraged at being used, turn on Walter and kill him.

Things are getting DARK in Sunnydale! Marlee & Gianna discuss assault, denial and (SPOILER) the death of Mr. Trick (RIP). With a surprise TWIST at the end! Feat. the continued bumblings of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

Later, with Tuvok acting as Quinn's counsel, the hearing begins with Janeway asking the Qs to promise not to turn the hearing into a circus. They both agree and Janeway begins by asking Quinn one of the most pressing questions: Why does he want to commit suicide? He tells her he doesn't agree with the fact that each individual of the Continuum is obligated to follow the path that his or her life will follow. He wants his path to lead to death and doesn't think that the Continuum should be able to interfere in his choices.

Tuvok points out that the Continuum has, in the past, executed some of its members as punishment and inquires if their deaths also created interruption in the society. Q contradicts this statement, saying that their crimes created the interruption and their deaths ended it and even then the executions were only carried out as a last resort. He also says that Tuvok's argument is an unfair comparison because Tuvok is comparing the preservation of social order and anarchy. When Tuvok asks about Q's own record of being deemed mentally unstable, he hotly retorts that his record has been cleared, which Tuvok takes as an affirmation. The witness Q is dismissed from the stand.

Quinn takes himself, Q, Janeway and Tuvok to a replicated interior of the comet in an effort to help his case. Q tells him that it is his own fault that he has been held in captivity and he could be free if he didn't want to commit suicide. Back on Voyager, Janeway tells Quinn that she cannot take into account the circumstances of his confinement into her ruling, as he is only confined there due to his desire to kill himself. She tells Quinn that the only thing she has found that could possibly justify a ruling in Quinn's favor is the "double effect" principle, which justifies the release from suffering, age, or infirmity even if it also causes death. So far, Quinn has shown no sign of suffering or being in pain, and Janeway tells Quinn that he needs to prove he suffers in any manner other than the conditions of his confinement. Tuvok requests a recess so he and Quinn can consider their response.

In the hearing room once again, Janeway begins to deliver her judgement. She tells Quinn that she has considered the implication that granting asylum would lead to a death, even if the death is self-inflicted. She has also considered the possible consequences that Quinn's suicide could have on the Q Continuum. The idea of making a decision that could affect an entire society, be for the better or for the worse, has troubled her. Despite all this, with the evidence that she has been presented she declares that Quinn is not mentally unbalanced and it is clear he is undergoing intolerable suffering. Janeway finishes that she won't support immortality that is forced on an individual by the state and that the possible consequences suffered by the Continuum aren't enough to justify Quinn's continued suffering and rules in his favor, granting Quinn asylum. Q is disappointed but he honors the agreement made at the beginning of the trial and turns Quinn mortal. Janeway then tells Quinn that, rather than committing suicide, maybe he could give mortality a try, as there are a great many sensations and feelings he could explore and he could explore his new existence. Quinn thinks about it and agrees to try.

In her ready room, Janeway and Chakotay are trying to figure out a post for Quinn when The Doctor calls her down to sickbay: Quinn is dying. Janeway arrives in sickbay, where Tuvok and The Doctor are waiting for her, just before Quinn dies. The Doctor informs Janeway that Quinn ingested a form of Nogatch hemlock, for which there is no known cure. Quinn tells her that he would only be pretending to fit into mortal life, that his death is his final gift to his people and he was grateful to Janeway for making his death possible.

Ravi is finally forced to tell Liv the truth about Vaughn blackmailing Major into being his zombie-killer. He revealed that everyone he supposedly killed was alive but frozen. They come out with a plan to release the frozen zombies so that when they come out alive and walking for the public's eyes, the police will have no choice but to drop the case on Major.

Vaughn's henchman Janko tries to kidnap Liv while she was on the phone with Ravi. When Ravi returns, he sees Janko and believed that he was collecting a body. But when Ravi sees that Liv is missing and broken glasses on the floor, he realizes something is wrong and knocks out Janko before he can close the door to his van. Ravi injects Liv with an EpiPen and she wakes up. However, Janko has come up behind Ravi, and Liv reacts in time to block the tranquilizer gun, aimed at Ravi, with her hand, once again knocking her out. Ravi succeeds in fighting off Janko and doses him with his own tranquilizer gun. Liv wakes up on the office couch to find Ravi is in shock as the tranquilizer gun was set to overdose and it killed the guy. Liv tells him it was self-defense to try to calm him down. Liv then eats the henchman's brain.

The second was Aksu Hatun's death. She took a blow from Targun Hatun to save Bala Hatun. If ain't were her, Bala would've died. Ever since Targun ambushed Bala Hatun, Aksu underwent a change of mind. The reason why she was present in the Bey tent was that she was going to admit Hazal Hatun's game she had become a part of. Her guilt and consciousness didn't allow her to be a part of the vile game anymore. But alas that she couldn't say her guilt out aloud as Dündar bey and Hazal Hatun present there suppressed her voice. The least she thought she could do from her pangs of guilt was to save Bala Hatun and sacrifice her life ending the devil's plan. 041b061a72


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