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Where Can I Buy An Ice Machine

With a good refurbished ice maker, there is no reason to pay for a new ice machine. Our machines are in perfect working order when they leave our facility and the prices cannot be beat. Since they are refurbished, they might not win any beauty contests (perhaps second place), but certainly will perform like a champion. We take great pride in our workmanship and always deliver a quality product. We test against the factory specifications of each ice maker before we can approve any for sale. Due to our volume, we do not specify the physical condition upon the sale of each machine, but you can expect that most machines will contain minor scratches or slight dents. We do group them into classes of physical condition so you can be very comfortable with your purchase. Our main focus is that all of our equipment will perform as they should, but also do take care in the physical appearance of each machine.

where can i buy an ice machine


While we do work on the appearance, our focus is on the inside mechanics of each machine including sanitation. All ice makers are designed to make high-quality ice and we ensure that that is exactly what they do. We will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars off a new machine and in many instances, we have found that many of our refurbished machines are even cheaper than many used machines we have seen in the marketplace!!

All machines come with a limited warranty, so you have nothing to fear about buying a refurbished machine from us. Our refurbished machines go through a rigorous inspection upon arrival and are all given a fresh start by replacing any questionable components, cleaned, sanitized and then put through our rigorous set of quality tests before they are put up for sale at great prices. We might not know everything, but we certainly know ice machines. You can feel very confident about any purchase you make from us that your machine will perform as is should from the day it arrives.

The great thing about getting into ice vending machines is that the cost of goods is also relatively low. I spoke to several ice vending machine owners and learned that the cost of water and utilities is typically as low as 25 cents per bag, making this an interesting addition to your portfolio.

Keep in mind in your ice vending machine business plan, that there are also going to be some on-site and upfront costs associated, like hiring someone to place the machine at your location and putting out parking blockades or barriers.

When it comes to ice machines, the size of the machine and the volume of ice it produces are typically directly related. Most businesses shop for ice machines based on the total volume of ice they need on an everyday basis. Most of the time, the higher the volume of ice needed, the larger the ice machine will be.

Note that if you require a larger ice machine, you need to measure your space to make sure the ice machine will fit where you need it to go. Also keep in mind that the price for small, medium, and large machines also depends on whether the machine is new or used. To find out the volume of ice you need per day, take a look at these questions to ask before buying an ice machine.

Self-contained machines are smaller and produce and store ice within the same unit. This is convenient, but note that self-contained units typically hold only up to 300 lbs of ice daily. On the other hand, modular units can produce more ice (300-1,000+ lbs per day), but require an additional storage bin to store it. This means if you choose a modular unit, you will need to pay extra for a storage bin.

Obviously, used ice machines will cost less than brand new machines. Many used and refurbished machines can cost as little as $900-$1,000. But this comes with a risk. Used machines, depending on how old they are, often require frequent maintenance any many times use up more energy than new machines. This means that even if you get your used ice machine for a bargain, over time your energy bills may stack up and cost you even more than a new machine would have cost. Some long-term cost benefits to new ice machines include:

After purchasing your ice machine, moving forward you will also need to reserve a budget for repair and maintenance. As mentioned, a newer machine will require less maintenance and repair compared to a used or refurbished machine. Be sure not to neglect routine maintenance! Forgetting to have your commercial ice machine serviced can mean irreparable damage. This would require you to replace the entire machine, which will cost you even more than routine maintenance.

A filtering system will result in the best possible ice. Since not all ice makers include filters, we recommend using filtered or bottled water for better taste and better drinks. It'll also keep the machine clean and free of limescale.

If you think about it, temperature is quite amazing. It's amazing that heat can excite molecules enough to affect flavor. It's just as amazing what a glass of ice water will do on a hot summer day in the middle of mowing the front lawn... nothing tastes as sweet and refreshing. Ice is one of those things that will make or break your cold drink sales. You doubt me? Pretend that your ice machine broke down and serve all of your customers ice-less drinks during your next lunch rush. If your waitresses haven't plotted mutiny, and your phone survey line isn't flooded with complaint calls then you are doing very well indeed. I used to work at a coffee shop and one day our ice maker went down. Try telling the customer who always gets her large strawberry and whipped cream icey that she is going to have to go slushy-less for a day... not a pretty sight.

At this point you may be tempted to say, "Ok Kirk, we all agree that ice is a necessary convenience for restaurant owners. Stop wasting our time writing about stuff we already know." Well, as with anything, not all ice is created equal. Do you want full cubes or half cubes? How much ice do you want? What kind of water filter do you need to make your ice taste great? These and many other questions are what you should be asking yourself (and the sales rep you are talking too) when you consider purchasing a new ice machine.

This will be the first of a new blog series we would like to do focusing on ice makers. In my next post (and periodically throughout the rest of the series as well) we will attempt to point you to some excellent ice making machine brands by means of answering questions like these:

In the next couple of months, we will answer all of these questions (and then some) so you can become an expert on ice machines before you purchase, making your transaction with us enjoyable for everyone involved. Stay tuned! And as always, if you have a question you would like to see addressed, leave us a note in the comments. Ready to buy but not sure where to start? Then check out these great commercial ice machines

There are two types of Game Ready Control Units that you can choose. The Game Ready GRPro 2.1 and the Game Ready Med4Elite. Both of them combine compression and cold therapy but the Med4Elite also gives you the ability to do contrast with heat as well as have multiple patients using the machine at the same time. Game Ready strives to be the absolute best when it comes to athletic recovery and injury healing.

Specifically, cold therapy reduces blood flow, nerve activity, swelling, inflammation, and chronic pain. As such, it is a recommended method when dealing with pain management. There are different types of cold therapies. One of the most effective being cold therapy machines as they have the power to alleviate pain quickly by numbing affected areas. Coldtherapy compression in combination with ice therapy is a recommended method for combating aches and pain, related to your muscular system. It is backed bymedical professionals and sport rehabilitation specialists.

There are a lot of variables to consider when looking for an ice machine for your knee. Someone seeking ice therapy for a knee injury probably has different needs than someone looking for an ice machine for knee surgery.

To numb your knee and help the pain subside, you want your cold therapy unit to get as cold as possible. Many cold therapy machines let you add ice and cold water directly into the container. This is a great method for alleviating knee pain and providing extended relief.

Compression levels are the key when selecting an ice machine for knee pain.An ice machine that has pads or wraps worn over your knee can help stabilize the joint, decrease swelling, and allow you to painlessly engage in what otherwise, might be painful activities. An ice machine with compression pads helps alleviate inflammation, swelling, and chronic pain.

You also want to note the tube length and insulation quality of your cold therapy machine. Longer tubes allow for higher mobility levels that can help you lay down easily while using the machine. Additionally, strong insulation is needed in your pads and hose to ensure cold compression is directed to your knee for targeted relief.

Ultimately, the best ice therapy machines to relieve discomfort will utilize freezing temperatures and cold compression therapy. These are the two most important elements to keep in mind when looking to relieve knee pain.

You can enjoy 6-8 hours of relief with this ice machine. It also offers high levels of insulation in the hose and pad for targeted compression. This is because the therapy pads are shaped specifically for your knee and offer a comfortable design and texture.

While you can't go wrong with any of the Breg cryotherapy machines, the Polar Cube was designed with specific recovery types in mind. If your knee pain is stemming from one of the following, you should seriously consider getting a Breg Polar Cube:

DonJoy's Iceman Classic3 System is arguably the greatest ice machine for knee rehabilitation. The key differentiator with this product is the patented dual pump recirculation system that strategically keeps temperatures extra cold and consistent, unlike competitors systems in which temperatures fluctuate. 041b061a72


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