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Skills Cheat Sims 4l

There are a lot of handy tricks that players can use to "break the game" into adding in special access to floors and other areas without using cheats or mods. One of the coolest things that players can do is create a hidden basement by utilizing a Murphy Bed item and having their Sim open the bed so that it lies atop a staircase. To do this, players will need to first place a downward staircase into whatever room they'd like and then place the Murphy Bed so that it will cover the hole made by the staircase.

Skills Cheat Sims 4l

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@VivereHeart552Did you try to change your Sims' agency. Some of the agencies do not offer commercial gigs and some of them do. May be a change in agency might help. Even actors with high skills can still do these gigs but you have to settle with lower wages.When you really need to you could always downgrade the skills temporarily by using a cheat.Have fun playing. ?

I hope you all find this challenge to be a fun way to spice up your gameplay with the unusual! You can watch me play this legacy on my twitch and see all my builds and sims under the tag #notsoscarylegacy on the gallery! I will also be posting gameplay and challenge updates on my twitter!

The goal of this challenge is to explore almost all skills, aspirations, satisfaction reward traits, collections and worlds in 11 generations! This challenge is a mix of everything EA has released so far in very random (but thought-out) order, with the purpose of giving your sim something to do for their whole adult life. 350c69d7ab


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