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Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr Script _VERIFIED_ Download Pdf

i remember seeing million dollar baby a few years ago, and watching it made me cringe and was quite the film to watch at the time. and since then it has been years, and i have never seen it again. any chance you have any kind of youtube footage of it?if you do, let me know so i can watch it. there was a book too that i was able to read, that was written by the director, clint eastwood, which was just about everything. it gave a really great glimpse into his life and the views that he had about society and race. all because of the film. and this is despite it being his first film. and, i can see how it might be a victim of circumstance. in fact, i believe that the reason it sucked so much is because clint eastwood wanted to make something that he thought was good and was met with complete failure. just another example of how and why we should be careful with celebrity films and celebrities. you dont want to be like the eminem song stan, where he talks about how he hates being a nobody, and that he would love being rich and famous, etc. start out as someone that everyone agrees with (and then fail), and then start going down that road.

thoroughly modern millie jr script download pdf

milliedoes have some great moments. the first i remember is when she is talking to the man in the elevator about her happiness over her dance career and the little girl is saying it's time for dinner. she tells him she isn't hungry (in a very bitter voice) and just be happy that she is getting some attention from someone. that may have been the only really funny bit, but it shows that we can cut through the "blank" of white person dressing up for an asian stereotype. and something that is quite clear about millie and many other musicals is that they are crafted to be ridiculous. i've had a number of musicals where the songs are funny, and the serious messages are often what shows to be the worth of the show. there are a lot of songs in this musical where we see millie becoming more confident as the story progresses. she goes from a nervous older teenage girl to a more mature woman. if this is the direction that the musical takes, we need to have that same thing happen with the asian characters, and become more diverse, but interesting.


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